Welcome to the Urban Trail Series!!!!! 

This Spring Series takes place in Dublin's best parks each year.

Trail running occurs on grass trails, forest trails, fire roads and fields.

We have created some fun, unique and mysterious trail races all on your doorstep

We have two race options of ~4 to 5km and ~8 to 10km for each event though this may vary slightly depending on ground conditions in each of the parks to minimise our environmental impact.

The series is designed for beginners and novices primarily but all are of course welcome to come and enjoy these events.

We would ask that any regular decent club standard runners enter the longer races to leave the real novices to enjoy some podium positions in the shorter event.

Our pricing and prize structure is aimed at providing value for money for everybody and not big prizes for the top few.

Our prizes will be Crannmor Pottery Tankards for the top 3 and first over 40 and over 50

Click on each venue on the homepage for full information on each race. 


A theme of the entire Urban Trail Series will be environmental awareness, about how we can co-exist, interact and maintain our natural resources within cities. 

Running is not all about pounding it out on roads and streets.

Some of the most fun running occurs  "off road" and these races aim to provide you with some lung bursting, winter cobweb shakers to keep you sharp and interested in your training or if you are a first timer we will provide you with a nice healthy introduction to running.You can be as competitive or as relaxed about your pace as you like.

Join us, get those trail runners muddy and keep your race mind sharp this winter!

Click on each venue on the homepage for full information on each race.

Distances are approx because exact routes may change depending on ground conditions on race day but they will be 4 to 5km for short course and 8 to 10k for long course!